Loss Control Information                                                                                         

The numbers don't lie. Loss Control and Loss Prevention offer excellent value to your bottom line. The phrase "Safety Pays" is true and statistics have shown that for every dollar invested in safety, it comes back several times, while helping to improve Quality, Cost and Production.

CRS/GKS Loss Control Consulting Service is able to assist your company with the following aspects of your operation:

Program Development
We can assist you in developing safety and health programs, policies and procedures that will reduce the likelihood of loss from related hazards and exposures. These programs can address all areas of your operations including property, general liability, fleet and workers compensation.

We can also assist with training you and your employees on policies and procedures addressed in your safety program as well as required training by regulatory agencies such as OSHA and the Department of Transportation.

Hazard Recognition

We will help you identify areas of potential loss that you may have overlooked and make recommendation on how you can reduce risk to an acceptable level, and also assist with the follow through to see the recommendations to the end.

Regulatory Compliance
We help answer questions, interpret regulatory issues and assist with response to citations from OSHA, DOT and other regulatory agencies.

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